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Anonymous said:
Do u rly type lik dis?... Because I would unfollow you for that before I did for your discussion on race.

That’s also actually incredibly problematic and racist in its own right. You do realize the notion of only listening/giving credence to/respecting/giving voice and agency to formally Western educated individuals who write/speak the English language is a mechanism of oppression and racism, right? We specifically create monolithic struggles for entire nations based on the spokesperson for that group - the scholars with privilege and Western education, and ignore the struggles of the every day individual. We deny their critiques and struggles.  We create nations through the normalization of Western education, by denying voice and agency to those who come off as “uneducated.” So, while no, I actually don’t type like that, it has no bearing on the content of what I say or my credibility. Sorry if it’s harder for you to read/understand, but maybe you should check your privilege and not expect everything everyone does to be an effort to make your life easier. You’re actually a really privileged, entitled, racist asshole; so, I’m hoping you being on anon means you don’t follow me. Because I don’t like you. Sashay away, racist ass shit stain.

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