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This is Fernando Faria, a student at Lehigh University and a misogynistic predator.  I met him one night while at a frat party with my girlfriend.  He first attempted to get just me to go to his dorm with him to smoke weed; when I refused and walked away, he tried to take advantage of my incredibly inebriated girlfriend and tried leading her away from myself and our two other friends.  He then tried getting her number, but was given mine instead.  When he texted me, a week later, he made up a story about meeting me somewhere else in an attempt to make me forget who he was/what he did.  However, one of the friends I was with that night recognized the picture Fernando sent when I said I didn’t know him/didn’t remember meeting him/wasn’t at the place he said he met me on the day he met me.  After referring to my girlfriend as my girlfriend, he continued to call her my “friend,” “lol” at it and ask if I meant my friend.  After I called him out on lying and being a sexual predator, he attempted to deny it was him, called me over 10 times, was an asshole, and then demanded I delete the text log.  This is a gentle reminder that people like this exist and it should be brought to attention.  Unfortunately, it isn’t until we start publicly calling people out on their behavior that they will modify it and other people can feel safe from such individuals.

Here he is!  
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If we can circulate this and keep his name and Lehigh in the tags, I’m pretty sure it will be impossible for any future employer to look him up without finding out what his true character content is composed of.

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