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If you could change anything about your body what would it be?

This is going to sound super cliche and you’ll probably think I’m lying but I would literally change nothing. I’m pretty healthy and there’s nothing really hazardous about my body. Maybe id be indestructible or immune to sickness or not burn so easily but I wouldn’t change anything cosmetically speaking. Regardless of what I look like, I’ll always have something to be self conscious about, always have something someone is telling me to be self conscious about, constantly critiqued, constantly praised and the representation of my body will constantly fluctuate in the media and always be up for debate among others. Because, truly, not everyone is gonna think you’re hot. Ever. Sometimes even you won’t think you’re hot, but looking different won’t change that, ya feel me? And on top of that, no matter how it’s worded or no matter how hard you try to make it a reflection of your own “insecurities” and “preferences” claiming other “can own it” whatever you find to be a flaw irt your own body is, in essence, a flaw you find in someone else’s body. And when you really think about it, are you even the originator of the idea that whatever said flaw is is actually a flaw in the first place?

So I guess I’d just make myself inspector gadget or something.

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I walk to/from work with my disc. Was just outside my apartment bulding. A Hobart kid just got mad that I wouldn’t toss with him.

Go home, Hobart.

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I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your intelligence and am always excited to read what you post.

Real recognize real

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"Imma text this girl like roses or daisies? Then when she answer I’m gonna go I just wanted to know what flowers to put on your casket cuz I’m bout ta murrrrrrder the pussy"

Omfg I can’t

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RIP carpet

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Gotta break up with rosa today

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Wait but remember when I did cheerleading for 15 years?

And then traded off for frisbee my last year in college and liked frisbee 773836722 times more???

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I miss being in college and doing homework and sports


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Hello I am a p i r a t e

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I’m gonna run to comstock

And that’s prolly a bad idea bc it’s late and dark and I am drunk and comstock is far but idk I rly want to and at least I’m not going to Odell’s??? And also I just really want to did I say that part yet???

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Dipped into Eddie o’s after work with Dana

And I got a pumpkin UFO but I tapped out the keg (bc they rule and have seasonal draft) so I got a free beer and that’s really cool I think!!!!

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I love October

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When I was in middle school, I’d gone through a few experiences/found myself in circumstances that made it very difficult for me to say no to people. I ended up with 6 boyfriends in 7th grade - all from different cities and schools.

When one of them found out, he told me his family was in the mafia and he was going to have me killed. Twenty minutes later, he sent me an aim message apologizing and when I said that I rly didn’t want to date any of the boys I was dating I just felt mean saying no, he said he was going to kill me again. Idk there was just rly no winning with him.

He had curly hair.

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